Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oregon 20" Power Match Chainsaw Bar for Stihl (203RNDD025) 72 Drive Links

!±8±Oregon 20" Power Match Chainsaw Bar for Stihl (203RNDD025) 72 Drive Links

Brand : Oregon
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Post Date : Nov 22, 2011 03:06:21
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The industry standard for professional chainsaw users. These solid chainsaw bars are machined from super-tough chrome-moly steel to give you excellent resistance to wear and chipping. The replaceable sprocket nose design fastens with a single rivet, and is securely held by wide, strong, overlapping ears. Noses can easily be replaced in the field. The patented Cradle sprocket design gives superior resistance to sprocket nose failures. Advanced Lubrijet and Lubri-Dam lubrication features increase oiling efficiency and retention with less oil hole plugging issues.This bar uses 72 drive links of .375 x .063 gauge chain- WPL 20 33RC72 (Check the pitch of your chainsaw first) Fits the following chainsaws:

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